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In 1985, on more than 90 thousand square meters of land area, founded Alwalaa for sorting and packing agricultural produce. Located in the heart of the supply chain geography, in addition to well-designed and planned facilities, gives it a strategic advantage in leading the industry in the MENA region. 

We utilize leading-edge production line technologies for sorting and packaging our fruit, including citrus, peaches, grapes, mangos, and more!  

We also work with the best technicians and well-trained calibers to achieve the best quality and multifarious agricultural products,

complying with the global standards, with a long record of winning the relevant local and international certifications. We proudly run one of the most advanced and sophisticated stations in Egypt, equipped with high-capacity machinery and production lines.

Likewise, we also maintain rigorous QHSE policies, which ensure the excellence of safety, health, and hygiene measures. Thanks to our highly motivated workforce and excellent work ethic, we are able to gain the trust of our clients from more than 50 countries around the world, with the highest customer satisfaction rates.   

The Founder

40 years ago, curving his way through the industry , Adaway Mustafa established Alwalaa For Sorting and Packing Agricultural Corps. During his journey, he is always giving a living example of a hard-working, dedicated and down-to-earth human being.

For over thirty years in his career as leader of  Alwalaa, Adaway managed to successfully establish a profound reputation worldwide, and earn his company’s leading status, as well as the respect and admiration of his colleagues, customers, and even his competition 

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

99900 +
Tones a year
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Al walaa offers the finest Egyptian oranges , Grapes and lemon to all of its customers in the neighboring Arab countries, European Union, and North America, According to international standards.

Certified Products

All certificates are associated with a certification report.

We Deal With fresh fruit Various Quality

Alwalaa is Your trust-worthy partner.

We have an outstandingly bright record of achieving the hard equation of Quality, Time, and value, thanks to our integrated means of production and complience to the industry QHSE Standrds

Alwalaa operates one of the largest, most efficient production lines/supply chains of fresh products in the  MENA region.


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Agricultural products according to international standards

Al walaa offers the finest Egyptian oranges, grape and lemon to all of its customers in the neighboring Arab countries, European Union, and North America, According to international standards.

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Best Products

We are pleased to offer you the widest range of products and services from our station for agricultural products conforming to international specifications!

Fresh Products

Marvelous produce, for all use cases, cuisines, tastes.

Super Healthy

High Nutrition with healthy with positive Ecological Footprint.

Premium Quality

Highest Quality that grants your customers satisfaction and goes beyond their expectations.

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For Sorting and Packing Agricultural Crops

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