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Navel oranges

Navel oranges are the earliest maturing of orange varieties, producing the seedless fruit of larger size than most others, with deep orange easily peeled rinds and a sweet & pleasant flavor.


The mandarin orange is also known as the Mandarin. Mandarins are smaller and less spherical than common oranges. Mandarins are generally peeled and eaten fresh.

Lemon ‚Äč

Eureka, Adalia, and Sheary, top premium juicy and tasty lemon that is just what you need for all sorts of use cases.

Red Globe grapes

Egyptian Red Globe Grapes is the largest round red berries of all the red grapes grown. Red Globes are famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life

Mango (Keitt)

The Keitt is left on the tree longer than other varieties, producing very sweet fruit, creamy texture and honey-sweet flavor .


Wonderful Pomegranate is one of the most popular product among our offerings, due its perfect characteristics and unique taste

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Our Seasonal calendar


Eureka Lemon
season starts from the 5th of September to the end of January

The season starts at 10th of January!

VALENCIA ORANGE Valencia Orange And Lane Late navel orange season spans from the 10th of January the end of May


mentioning the vastness of our grape offering, including flame grapes, prime grapes, crimson grapes, red globe, the season spans from 1st of may to the end of September.

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